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The Best Sleep Podcasts of 2023

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The Best Sleep Podcasts of 2023

Sometimes falling asleep is HARD. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably struggled to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep throughout the entire night, or maybe even struggled with a more serious sleep issue like insomnia.

If you struggle to get deep sleep, one tool you can explore is the fascinating world of sleep podcasts. Closing your eyes at night is the perfect time to open your mind’s eye with the immersive soundscapes of a sleep podcast.

There are literally thousands of sleep podcasts. But in this post we’re going to cut through the noise and show you the very best shows that you should explore.

When it comes to sleep podcasts there are two main categories:

  • Sleep Sound and Music
  • Sleep Stories

We’ll break this blog into two sections to give you the very best shows.

Best Sleep Sound and Music Podcasts

1. Sounds for Deep Sleep

Sounds for Deep Sleep (full transparency, this is our show 🙂) is a sound machine in your favorite podcast app. It offers 10-hour premium nature sounds like ocean waves, classic sound machines like pink noise, and scientifically-backed music like solfeggio music at 432 HZ. You can access the back catalog on, listen on your favorite podcast app, or even listen on YouTube.

Learn more about Sounds for Deep Sleep

2. Deep Sleep Sounds by Slumber Studios

Slumber Studios is one of the leading brands in the sleep sounds space and offers both sleep sound and sleep story podcasts. They’ve been around for a long time and have a 4.4/5 star rating with over 1800 reviews on Apple Podcasts, so this is obviously a high-quality show. They offer 2 hour episodes on their free channel, or you can pay to access 8-hour ad-free versions, plus a Thursday night bonus episode.

Learn more about Deep Sleep Sounds

3. 12 Hour Sound Machines for Sleep (No Loops or Fades)

12 Hour sound Machines claims to be “the #1 Sound Machine Podcast in the world.” They have over 110 million total downloads and 1.3 million weekly listeners. They offer simple sound machines and ambient sounds for falling asleep and have a deep back catalog of episodes to choose from.

Learn more about 12 Hour Sound Machines

4. Relaxing White Noise

Relaxing White Noise is a podcast that has over 800 episodes to choose from, including sound machines, nature sounds, ambient sounds, and even some sleep music. Their YouTube channel which launched back in 2012 has over 1.7 billion streams. Their website makes it easy to search through a back catalog of episodes, too.

Learn more about Relaxing White Noise

5. White Noise Sleep Sounds by TMSOFT

White Noise Sleep Sounds is created by TMSoft, a company that has created other sleep tools like a white noise app, white noise Alexa skill, noise generator, fan generator, and more.

Learn more about White Noise Sleep Sounds

6. Deep Energy Podcast

Mixing things up, the Deep Energy Podcast shares ambient and new age music for sleep AND for use in meditation, relaxation, yoga, massage, and therapy. Each episode is a trance-like experience of relaxing music that takes you on an adventure. Their music is beautiful and calming to say the least.

Learn more

As you can see there are a lot of sleep sounds to choose from, but what about Sleep Stories? Let’s dive into those next.

Best Sleep Story Podcasts

Sleep Wave - Sleep Meditations  (by Sleepiest)

Learn More about Sleep Wave

Sleep Magic (by Sleepiest)

Learn More about Sleep Magic

Get Sleepy (by Slumber Studios)

Learn More about Get Sleepy

The Sleepy Bookshelf (by Slumber Studios)

Learn more about The Sleepy Bookshelf

Just Sleep

Learn more about Just Sleep

Sleep Cove

Learn more about Sleep Cove

Sound Sleep

Learn more about Sound Sleep

Send Me to Sleep: Books & Stories for Bedtime

Learn more about Send Me To Sleep

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